July 26th, 2003

myungsu [ultimate bias]

not really new, just different

From pretzelsaregood. A rewritten poem, of sorts, from Trainspotting.

Choose fandom. Choose a side. Choose a character. Choose a subtext. Choose a fucking big kerfuffle, choose secret messages, clothes, one true pairings, and digital image manipulations. Choose good-faith, high-stress, and location reshoots. Choose self-interested livejournal postings. Choose a fandom niche. Choose your friends. Choose tinhats vs. whitehats. Choose sekrit locked journals on friends-only in a range of fucking sub-fandoms. Choose fence-sitting and wondering why the fuck you're staying in fandom every morning. Choose sitting at that screen watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing power shows, stuffing fucking opinions into your head. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, posting your last in a miserable depression, nothing more than a washed-up old fandom queen to the selfish-fucked up newbies you've influenced to replace yourself.

The rest of it.
bitch PLEASE

senior pictures are always fun

I went to take my senior pictures today. Putting on makeup is fun, except when I realize I actually have to take this seriously and cover up "blemishes" and "fill in my lips" and all those crazy things. I was going to go with Robert Smith eye makeup, but after a few minutes of looking at myself in the mirror, I decided that I didn't want my teachers to remember me looking like a groupie for the Cure. It was a hard decision.
Nomadicwriter's Jed

For any who are interested...

The Quest for Computrification (an excerpt was posted by etoilepb yesterday) has been extended a bit. If you are interested, here's a sample:

The trial of the Long Wait was valiantly endured by JEff. But as the hour of Five passed, and yet no sorcerer had appeared, he appealed again to the Lord COMCAST, saying: "Wherefore, o Lord, didst thou not send a sorcerer to our dwelling, as thou didst promise? We have endured the trials faithfully, and never did we seek the aid of any other house of sorcery. What, o Lord, is up with that?"

I don't think it's as good as the first one, since it was written in great haste, but here's the whole thing...
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*Coyote notices that Shen has gone to bed without brushing his teeth.
Coyote: Your toothbrush wants to have hot monkey sex with your mouth!
Shen: *mumbling into pillow* Then it can come in here if it wants to.
*Coyote finishes brushing her teeth and washing her face, then adds toothpaste to Shen's toothbrush and takes it into the bedroom.
Coyote: *squeaky little toothbrush voice* Take me! Take me now!

~ ellixis