July 24th, 2003

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Via Aj, posted with permission since it was friendlocked:

Me and Amanda on the 700 Club and Jesus.

Amanda: We decided that Jesus is okay, but some of his fans are waaaaay scary.
Aj: Oh, hell yes.
Amanda: He's kind of like Spike, in that way.
Aj: It's like Daniel Jackson... only I just compared Daniel to Jesus and must go drown myself in the toilet.
angel and buffy my heros

the what by who

From keelywolfe

I've just been such a blabbermouth today, but this amuses me to no end.

Saw a mention recently of people who hate it when RPS'ers use nicknames for people in their fics. Like Orli for Orlando or Lij/Lijah for Elijah. Their reasoning seems to be that it's too personal, and since we don't know them personally, we should not use them.


Um. So...writing about them having sex isn't an issue but calling them by a nickname is??? When did sex become less personal than a nickname? Did I miss a memo or something on the sex?
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myungsu [ultimate bias]

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First post here. From lilie_the_mouse's post.

I just heard that on the radio... Some American scientists managed to turn some flies into homosexuality by some genes manipulations and most importantly, putting them at or above 30 Celsius degrees. Lower than that temperature, they turn back heterosexual... Seems like the high temperature is inhibiting some control over pheromones...

When they're older, if I put Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton into a 40 Celsius degrees room, you think they'll screw like bunnies? Bwahahahaha!!!!
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Classic Vyviane...

from vyviane. The whole entry is hysterical, but here's some of the highlights:

"Now moving right along to mysterious. I think you have mistaken manic depression for me being deep and dark. I am just moody. Very very very moody. ....I don't write poetry. Sometimes I will leave nasty post it notes in your day planner but they won't be romantic unless you think head and a pound of crisco is romantic."
Martin J Heade
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Fanfiction and Ecosystem Management

So, it's been pointed out to me that my brain, with regard to plot bunnies, is sort of like Australia: lacking in natural predators, so that the nasty little herbivores just keep multiplying out of control.

Clearly, what this ecosystem needs is the introduction of Plot Dingoes.

- dsudis

Some of the replies are just as silly.

(Disclaimer: first post. Please don't hurt me.)
bitch PLEASE

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The other day at work there was a stuffed Fluffy on my register and this woman comes up with her two children, who look to be in their early teens, and starts eyeing the dog warily and since Fluffy has been sparking mildly entertaining Harry Potter-related conversations all day, I say, in my infinite brilliance, "Oh, that's Fluffy from Harry Potter." And she gives me a Look. And, in my infinite obliviousness, I say, mostly toward her children, "Have you read the books?" And they just shake their heads 'no.' No speaking, nothing, totally stone-faced. And so I say, "Aw, you're missing out." And the woman says, quite righteously,"I don't think so." And then she plucks her books from the basket she had resting on the ground and puts them on my counter and they're all on the Christian way and following in God's image. So, I've offended my religious zealot for the week. Have you done your part?
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From gypsyjr
"ARGH. I swear, I think I'm shedding. I keep finding hair everywhere. Big nasty clumps of it. Either there's a wookie living in my closet without my knowledge, or I should by all logic be bald now."

HEehee... wookiees...
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  • grifyn

But does he light them afterwards?

On James Marsters joining the cast of Angel, the Series and the ratings involved:

"I mean let's face it - I love Alexis and would love to know why he and Aly haven't done right by humanity by spreading their DNA, but the boy doesn't up the ratings. Marsters, OTOH, farts near a convention and 80,000 fangirls show up."
-- thebratqueen
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