July 23rd, 2003

Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

Quoth percy_weatherby...

...on security at Nimbus 2003 threatening to have people "removed":

"Man, if they'd have given me the expelliarmus after I spent a few hundred dollars to get into the con, I'd have had to go to small claims court and got a reversal spell cast on my checkbook."
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Arrrrrgh, how can one NOT quote this woman?! Mitigating circumstances: it's got a Doqz, too. *G*

apocalypsos: However, still think Bush is a schmuck, and will continue to do so until a.) he goes far, far, far, far away, b.) he realizes that you can't be President, look like Alfred E. Neuman, and try to talk like a cowboy, and c.) ...um, no. No, he'll be a schmuck until the end of time. And possibly afterwards. I can so picture God sneaking up behind him in the afterlife, sticking a Kick Me sign to his back, and teleporting away with a Muttley-esque snicker.

doqz: That's both ridiculous and offensive. God has better things to do that practice childish taunts on our President. I am surprised you would be insensitive enough even to suggest something like that. Fiver says it's gonna be the Holy Ghost.

apocalypsos: Dude, who do you think is going to be tying his shoelaces together? ;)

doqz: Michael, of course. While Gabriel does the wedgie. Damn. You really didn't think this thing through, did you?

apocalypsos: Well, do I even want to know what Jesus and the Virgin Mary are doing the guy? Wait. Stupid question. Of course I want to know what they're doing.

doqz: JC is setting up the camera and Mary is warming up the scanner, obviously. Life in Paradise is not what you'd call filled with an excitement. All the party people are downstairs. (On Fridays the entire Heaven is issued earmuffs because you can't hear yourself planning Armageddon over the frenzied screams of "Toga! Toga! Go Caesar, it's your birthday!") I have it on best authority that the Almighty is growing increasingly sulky about the whole business.
Fox and magpie (art (c) kyoht.com)

Draco-mance anyone?

The Mary-Sue Aurors' Feild Guide
Chapter Seven: How To Find A Draco-Sue

You will have to make your way to The Pit of Voles. Your journey will take three minutes to three days, depending on your connection.

Then, travel towards the 'Book' section, careful to avoid craggy rocks, alligators, and annoying - though harmless - pop-up window ads.
When you have safely set up base camp in the area, make your way on foot towards the 'Harry Potter' section, where you'll find this species of Sue in abundance.

You will find little, blue 'SORT' boxes, left there by the fandom natives.
Select, 'Romance' where it says, 'Genre', and 'Draco M.' where it says, 'Character', and you will probably get these results."

-As spoken by clannoire in deleterius (link here)
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From the journal of kvschwartz:

CARMEN: But since then I've gotten a lot better with my mouth.

KEVIN: You've gotten a lot better with your mouth? Hahaha, I'm not sure that's something I want to know about.

CARMEN: What? Haha! No! I meant -- dammit! -- I meant I've gotten a lot better at not putting my foot in my mouth.

KEVIN: Clearly.