July 21st, 2003


From amethystgreye :

I was just thinking...you know it would be a great crime to kill someone using bubble-wrap, and I don't mean by wrapping it around their faces so they suffocate. I'm not entirely sure how bubble-wrap is produced, but it involves bubbles filled with a gas, probably regular old air. But what if someone filled those little bubbles with some deadly spore or gas, used them as packing material for something, and mailed it to the intended victim? You know the poor person wouldn't be able to resist the joys of popping the little bubbles and unknowingly causing his own death.

Man, if I weren't an evil genius I'd be conspriracy theorist genius.
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*splorf redux*

...and from indiana_j :

*Brand name of condom* For HER pleasure...and for stopping up your neighbor's sink! Only at Wal-Mart! (--not guaranteed to plug up every orifice you stick it in, see label for warning and details--)

Man, I really got to stop drinking anything while reading my friendslist.
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banana - RS.org

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Seen on DL_anon:

Daria27: Because everyone knows that if you share familiar body language=you're dating. I wish I'd been informed of this earlier, because now I realize how many people I was secretly dating without even realizing it. Thanks for the crazy asshat great advice once again, MsA

annlarimer: My God. I can think of at least three people with whom I've apparently been having sex for the past ten years and never even knew it! And I've been doing my Mom and the neighbors' dachshund.

Good to know.
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Second, I'd like to reaffirm my thought that I can't for the life of me understand why so many girls out there are against X-Men but have no problem watching everyday dramas, soap operas, etc. X-Men is a freakin' soap opera with mutant powers!!! I love it! *L* My boyfriend asked me today if he was going to come home to find me watching Days of Our Lives, but I told him not to worry.


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Bloody typical. I leave my windows open only very very slightly so I can actually breathe during the night, and my room gets so cold that now I just want to remove my nose with a hacksaw.

Had a good time at karaoke last night. I am currently involved in a love triangle with my friend and her boy - they both want me. God, I really have to stop having these fake lesbian relationships, I think I have about four on the go at the moment. It gets exhausting being the one that everyone wants to pretend to be having an affair with.
Psych - BFF 4evah!

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I hate being stupid.
And, dude, I'm not joking. Once upon a time I was really smart. Like at least genius range. I wanna be smarter! I want to invent a cure for polyester! Or write the Great Scandavian Novel! Hmph. ::sulks off::

-- blog_mercutio
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i'm the doctor - all 11

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"so, about this jack sparrow.

is he supposed to be that gay? i mean, for real. the walk... the eyeliner... i kept thinking i was maybe watching an orgy music video instead of a movie about pirates."

-- dominatemeplz
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