July 20th, 2003

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Just got finished watching "Trading Spaces" a little bit ago. Again. God only knows why. I seriously think they should do a crossover between "Trading Spaces" and the movie "Gladiator," if only because I'd like to see Hildi torn apart by wild animals and Kia chopped in half by a runaway chariot.

(I don't really want them dead. Honest. Just laid up for months upon months in Dr. Frankenstein's lab as he stitches them back together again. I don't think that's too much to ask, do you?)

-- apocalypsos

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From the incredible seperis: It's not that I don't like ellipses--I do. Like commas and random italics, I have a thing for them. But there's using them and then there's making them grovel while they call you daddy, okay? Don't do that to the ellipses.
Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

Why, yes, it is a trollprincess quote!

"My cat just walked by with one of my thongs dangling from his neck. Oh, great. Now he's not only stealing my underwear, he's wearing it, too. Okay, I'll accept his alternative lifestyle, but I'll be damned if he thinks he'll be borrowing my lipstick."
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Lovely quotes from lovely people

First post here, been meaning to do it, am lazy, here are quotes:

I should get over myself. But I'll do it tomorrow. - meghanjinx

At one in the morning, after 3 Guinness extra stouts, one hardly cares that one has to share a bed with one's children who, just short of throwing their own feces, have morphed into very large rhesus monkeys. - mindscat
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