July 19th, 2003


Denver. Rare.

It's not cool to quote yourself, but this was sleep-deprived me, and sleep-satiated me finds it funny, so:

Ah, Rochester. I know it well. Or, OK, not as well as someone who lives there or anything. But, medium-well.

Oh, sorry. No. Your city is not a steak.

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We need a Darwin/Schwartzenegger stupidity weeding system in effect.... if you're as stupid as some of the people documented here, a cybernetic organism from the future should come and kill you.

-jimthefly, found in anti_stupidity
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bitch PLEASE

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Found while surfing on my friendsfriends page. I wasn't especially amused by this quote because I'm obsessively in love with Christian Bale--I also personally believe that Keanu's acting was, despite the anachronism, an inspiration for the tin man.

The movie "Equilibrium", very very cool, only slightly less cool than the Matrix because of the special effects. But nonetheless, at least Christian Bale doesn't look wooden.

And one more:

saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. it kind of ended abruptly, but it was good. two fingers up. which ones are up to your imagination.
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cat snow

what can I say except . . .

it's apocalypsos 0:-)

Just realized that I've had on a green mud mask for the past four hours and I completely forgot about it. At least I'm home alone, but considering my movie marathon and what I'm downloading right now, the only people who have seen me like this all day long are Scruffy!Nick Stahl, Nekkid!Michael Biehn, and Nekkid!Robert Patrick.

Did you know you can see Nekkid!Robert's little Terminator in the DVD? Seriously. Now I've seen him naked and he's seen me looking like Shrek. I think it's a fair exchange. :)
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