July 18th, 2003

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Just so you know, I have been doing all the girly fannish things required of a teenaged female denizen of LiveJournal. I read Order of the Phoenix. I've looked up fanfiction and scanlations online. I've watched J-Rock videos, for chrissakes. I even went (giggling on the way) to see Johnny Depp and his Merry Men (and M. Orlando, too) nance about the deck of the indomitable Liquid Liner. But I haven't felt like talking about it. Why? Because I'm bitter. Bitter like the icky little moist extras they put in with your California rolls. Bitter as gall. Bitter as a fangirl who's just come to grips with the fact that Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen will never have sex. THAT bitter.

-- orangekoi

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from elorie

drunk on cheap champagne, wearing Ishtar's necklace...

...Don't you wish you were here? Heh.

Did another one of my Ishtar ritual baths, this time it was all about the stuff I was talking about earlier. Immersing yourself. Whee! Giddy now. Go figure.

Ran outside to look at the moon wearing a towel. I was the one wearing the towel, not the moon...

Boy, you people miss all the fun. I'm normally so dignified."

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sometimes, I think we should just link <lj user="mustangsally78>'s journal to metaquotes: (note, DOE: Dept of Education, Mustangsally is currently working as a teacher) "Dealing with the F***ingDOE is like getting ass-raped by a tribe of Mongolian yak herders but without the rancid yak butter lube. My History certification got fucked because of a policy change instituted 7/1/03 with the Shrub's urging. Under the old system, I was free and clear. This means that I have to go and take a "Social Studies" Area Exam at the end of September. Which gives me *how* long to cram? I'm fucked because my 20 History credits are all in Ancient. Blow me. I can talk about parallel technological development, cultural sharing, the fucking kivas of the Anaztazi, and the Roman laws regarding the distribution of property in the wake of divorce. AND I can explain how Akhenaten used one of the fifteen or so aspects of the sun god Re to come up with Aten, and what Elizabethan corsetry really says about the role of women in that society. Now I have to fucking review the rest of American history after the Revolutionary War, *and* governmental structure. Which is totally fucking boring compared to the Caesars. Did I mention that I love the Romans? I had mucho Egypt love for years, but lately I have fallen for the Romans. You know why? Because they were fucking good at what they did. Sex and violence and empire building baby! They were fucking ruthless. And they were fucking Italians! Now when I read about the Caesars, I see the fucking cast of The Sopranos instead of I, Claudius. Is there any doubt in anybody's mind why Tony's mom is named Livia? Has anybody pointed that out? It's omerta, baby, omerta*. If somebody pisses you off, fuckin' waste 'em and get a clean toga on your way home. And if you want to take over a country? Kill all the men, enslave the women and children, salt the fucking earth, and then send in the bureaucrats to run everything. Sometime next week I'm takin' my ass to the District Office with a copy of The Gallic Wars in my handbag and a clean toga in my trunk. Anybody who gives me shit is going to get bitchslapped with five pounds of hardbound Latin." * The Omerta 1. A code of silence - Never to "rat out" any mafia member. Never to divulge any mafia secrets. Even if they were threatened by torture or death. 2. Complete obedience to the boss - Obey the boss's orders, no matter what. 3. Assistance - To provide any necessary assistance to any other respected or befriended mafia faction. 4. Vengeance - Any attacks on family members must be avenged. "An attack on one is an attack on all." 5. Avoid contact with the authorities.
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My apocalypse mix is called APOCTAPUS DEMANDS ROCKING, and my pirate mix (which has sprouted into a 2 CD celebration of piracy) is SHANTYLICIOUS.

I believe I was born----hand crafted by God, if you will---to horribly name CD mixes.

--spinooti, who is my queen.
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Operation Supreme Court Freedom

"The framers of our Constitution never intended anything like this to take place in our land."

Who knew, but apparently Pat Robertson is a Constitutional Law scholar!

He has a hotline to god, too “We must earnestly come before Him now and cry out for redress of our grievances. He loves America as much as we do, and He does not wish to destroy it.” According to some people, I have heard quite the opposite, god DOES want to destroy America. Huh. Weird. I wonder if god is playing both sides against the middle. God is a Slytherin!

-- ethrosdemon
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