July 17th, 2003

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From the Screwy Mind of apocalypsos Commenting on how masturbation is a good way for men to check for prostate cancer

See, everybody? Masturbation is your friend. *nods solemnly*

It does make me wonder what the benefits of masturbating is for chicks, though. Wouldn't it funny if it were something cool, like getting super powers? That'd so rawk!

Guy: "I jacked off three times today, so I lowered my risk of prostate cancer!"
Girl: "Oh, yeah? Well, I jacked off ten times today, so now I can read minds, teleport, fly, jump buildings in a single bound, outrun trains, shoot lasers out of my eyes ..."
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From astolat:

Finally saw Pirates last night with yahtzee63. So much fun! Orlando Bloom really is prettier than anyone has a right to be.

As we're sitting in the theater waiting for the credits to finish, someone behind us goes, "Yeah, he was the blond fairy in Lord of the Rings." yahtzee63 leans over and mutters to me, "And there's an entire fandom dedicated to that proposition." snerk.
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crantz: For some reason dreamt I was having dinner with Magneto and Prof. X. The wine tasted like apple juice and there was this freaky crystal sheep that kept rolling past.
finabair: Was it a big crystal sheep?
rheinland: Was it a sexy sexy crystal sheep?
agenda" Was it a big sexy sexy crystal sheep? ;)
halfwest: Was it a small not-even-remotely-sexy-sexy crystal sheep?
bluri: Was it an average sized, somewhat attractive crystal sheep?
crantz: To everyone who asked about the sheep: You suck
[HP] I have sex with commas

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First time poster.
Just needed to share this:

"I like Draco. I want him to be more than a two-dimensional villain. Anything that doesn't involve him eating babies and spending the rest of his life in Azkaban. But at the same time, S7 BtVS has scarred me so throroughly that any mention of blondes and redemption in the same sentence has me running for the flamethrower."
- ficangel

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From lizbetann

I have to confess to being terrified at how quickly PotC has become a "thing". The movie's been out for one day over a week, and it's a fandom. And I'm even more amused because I think "But why's the rum gone?" has become my all-purpose don't know/don't care answer to any question.
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From the LJ of dkellis

It's not a huge deal, except perhaps on the Internet, where the PC vs. Mac flamewars have raged since the dawn (or at least Too Damned Early To Get Up, or 0800h On Saturday Morning, since they amount to the same thing) of time.
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Couldn't get the person's name, unfortunately, so I could properly credit him/her.

From this thread in the new starwarssues Journal:

"She also wore a ring on the middle finger of her right hand; it had three white stone's over crossing each other with gold."

All the better to flip the bird to all of Star Wars Fandom, I suppose. A gorgeous 15-year-old princess who's a Jedi master to boot. Shyeah, right.

- Anonymous
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I wonder if she lives next door to _red panda_ **DUCKS!**

from cissa

"This is about the fifth time this morning-- at not yet 8:30-- that a truck has gone by laden with dirt. A big truck. This also went on all day yesterday.

Now, a couple of things make this mysterious: we live on a cul-de-sac, so they're not going through our streets to someplace else; and all the lots on these 2 streets already have houses on them.

So I've decided that someone watched LOTR too many times, and has decided to bury their house to make it more like a hobbit-hole. It's the only rational explanation."
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