July 12th, 2003

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*sputters, dies*

You want to know what the definition of irony is? It's that according to "Chasing Amy" and "Gigli," Ben "Hi, I'm Matt Damon's better half!" Affleck is apparently the cure for lesbianism. You'd think it'd be someone with slightly more testosterone than him ... you know, like Jennifer Garner or the U.S. women's soccer team or something.
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"Am beside myself with glee, because according to IMDB.com, Tim Burton is considering Christopher Walken for the role of Willy Wonky in his remake of Willy Wonky and the Chocolate Factory. "

"Look at my previous entry! Look at the fabulous Freudian slip I made! Look, dammit! "

burningtoast your funny!

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misstoric: Y'know I think Dorian Gray would be the best [Mary] Sue antidote we could find. He's pretty enough and charming enough to seduce them and immoral enough to utterly destroy their lives. He'd probably even make a game of it. "Let's see, Aliana Selena Pureheart, gave her syphilis. Rayvn Shadow Darkhope, got her hooked on opium, she's working the streets of London now. Sakura Shimmerysparkle, dumped her, caused her to go mad. Luthanalanaas Greenleaf, hell, she was so annoying I just bashed her skull in within two minutes." I for one would like to see that.

greekhoop: And now that League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen is out, I'm sure we will. *sigh*

misstoric: *Sighs as well* Don't I know it. With luck they'll go for the non comic male.

greekhoop: That's true, but Dorian was awfully OMGOMG SUCH A BISHIE! I'm sure we'll have plenty of noble and brave Sues joining the League (despite having no basis in Western literature, because... Well, gawd! Who has time to, like, read books and stuff?) and reforming him and turning him into a nice house husband with 2.5 kids and a big house in the suburbs and a white picket fence and... *head explodes*

misstoric: Ten bucks says we'll get an artist Sue who fixes the painting and makes him all nice and fluffy.

greekhoop: What's that funny buzzing sound? It sounds like something spinning at 40,000 RPMs. Weird, it's coming from Oscar Wilde's grave...
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The Valiant Valkyrie Butterfly Battles the Evil Mary Sue Writers of the World!

Complete rant here ;-) :

"And everyone who compared Snape to Angel - CUT IT OUT! They've both been to the dark side. But one of them is a brooding idiot with gel issues, the belief that he can determine the universe for everyone else, and a curse; and the other one is a very cranky (albeit with a sexy Alan Rickman vibe) potions teacher who probably hasn't had sex in a decade, wouldn't know gel if you painted him with it, and sneers at other people too much to ever decide anything for them. SNAPE DOES NOT BROOD. He's grumpy. He's guilty. But he doesn't brood, he gets irritated. Learn the difference!" -- butterflykiki
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There is nothing better than a pretty guy wearing eyeliner and nancing about on a ship and cracking jokes. Yes, nancing. That is the only word I can think of to describe that extremely gay walk. And I mean gay. Jack is the gayest gay pirate to ever sail the gay seas. And I mean that in the best sense possible.
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The things you find when it's late and you're bored...

I was reading through marysues and came across this little gem from arabel. I laughed so much I nearly literally fell off my chair. Italicised bits are the offending Mary Sue fic, bold are Arabel's comments.

" Who are you looking for milady?" Angelus asked.

"You." she said as she bit into his neck,draining him almost completely. She used a knife from her pocket and cut her wrist and fed him. After he stopped,he looked at Darla,his human part slowly disappearing.

Angelus: "Aargh! My human part has disappeared! I needed that!"
Darla: *curious* "Which part was that, anyway?"
Angelus: *coughs* "Never you mind..."

*still snerking* I think I need to go lie down now...
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