July 11th, 2003


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"I think if all my thoughts were actually broadcast out loud, instead of waiting for me to actually say them, people wouldn't think of me as being so hostile or intimidating.

Mostly they'd wonder at my unholy fascination with things that light up.

There's a lightning bug loose in the house, and I have a pen that lights up when I press a button. We're getting along quite swimmingly."

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More Work Fun...

...courtesy of apocalypsos and digitalodyssey:

[While discussing whether or not they'd have to go to work if Scranton got nuked.]
digitalodyssey: Yes, but then we'd be dead.
trollprincess: Hey, you'd be dead. I live outside of the blast radius. I'd just get radiation poisoning.
digitalodyssey: Then you'd grow extra arms.
trollprincess: Well, not me, but my kids would. And what's so bad about that? That's not necessarily a bad thing. Think about how easy it would be to juggle.
[long pause as I nod solemnly]
digitalodyssey: Oddly enough, you have a point.
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leave it to Troll Princess . . .

to say what I'm thinking:

And did anyone else see what the Missouri couple who won the Powerball said they were going to buy first? A new refridgerator, and a tractor with working brakes. Okay, that's it. This is the Fairness Police. Due to the stupidity of giving an answer like that at a press conference, your entire jackpot winnings are to be handed over and divvied up amongst people who *really* need it -- LJ users! (And somebody who was willingly driving a tractor with no freaking brakes before he won should have been barred fron playing in the first place.)

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Hairspray is b_^_^_d
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After Chris and I gave up on hearing from Chris, we went to the theatre, where we ran into Chris and Dean who had just finished seeing the movie. Chris and I "Eee!"ed at each other across the parking lot as Chris and I ran to the ticket counter, Proving that I know FAR TOO MANY CHRISES. I can't wait until Monday, when I can gush with Chris about the movie, and if I don't get some sort of apologetic message from Chris about flaking out on me and Chris, I will be most displeased. I feel like I ought to try to squeeze Megan's Chris into this paragraph somehow, and I shall have to inform any future Chrises I am introduced to that my Chris Card is full and they'll simply have to choose another name.

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From cassielsander, in reference to an article on Quantum physics in The Economist's science section:

Schroedinger's Cat is laughing its little kitty ass off.

And while I'm at it, I'm sure that a lot of people have noticed this before, but it just occurred anew to me:

Newtonian Physics -> Calvinist Predestination
Einsteinian Physics -> Moral Relativism
Quantum Physics -> Existentialism

View the whole piece here
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