July 8th, 2003

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My muses have all run off to Tahiti to have mad crossover sex on the beach while I sit here and curse them. Even Mordred, who can almost always be lured back by the promise of a good fucking, has obviously decided that Crowley is a better lay than Arthur and refuses to return.

Maybe if I do something really horrible they'll come back. Like slash Siddhartha. Or Fahrenheit 451. Montag/Granger = OTP!!1! Theirloveissobasedonforbiddenliterature!

-- corialis
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From for_fun

"Oh, and people: the word doh!! is overused, and should be eliminated from your vocabulary. Please do not replace it with doink or a tuneless bum bum bahm either, because it makes you sound like a complete idiot. Possibly even more than you really are.
I work with a complete idiot. I hate him. I may just throw him to the clowns one day soon."
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DISCLAIMER: "A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away, there was Hogwarts. And J.K.Rowling looked at it and saw that it was good. And all was right in the world. But then, we saw that Harry doth look upon Draco with lust, and that Ms. Rowling was not likely to include that in the next book, so we said “Screw it!” and wrote it ourselves, even though we do not make any money off of this. And all was right with the world."

-deliciouspear in parryhotter
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an introductory offering

(Found this place via friendsfriends. Fun in abundance cannot be avoided... anyway.)

"Verily, the sun was high and the wind was warm in the days of July's infancy as Pepperleen the Spastic ventured from the home of her childhood to undertake the perilous journey to the land of Dee-Um-Vay...
Whoops. I'm in epic poetry mode. Just a sec."
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"As a reader, I'm about as happy with a two-orgasms-in-one-sentence special as I would be about a combined Christmas and birthday gift." -- resonant8, on the conceit of simultaneous orgasm in fiction.
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From emesser, quoting a friend.

Becca: You know, I think that if we managed to kill all the roaches and fruit flies and various other emerging life forms in the kitchen, we'd be guilty of destroying a perfectly viable eco-system. The one that exists because someone hid the bug spray, and those little fuckers are too fast to hit with a skillet.
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My first thought upon reading the title of this fic was "Wasn't that an Anne Heche movie?" My second thought was "Hey, if the title's stolen from an Anne Heche movie, does that mean there will be lesbians?!" At about the time the author was quoting the Sorting Hat's 5th-year song in full, without line breaks, I realized that I was in a completely lesbian-free zone. And trust me, this is a tragedy...a few good, old-fashioned lesbians in complicated Victorian underwear would improve this plot immensely.
-- pottersues

Why would anyone religious Mary Sue themselves into the Bible? I mean, I know God is loving and all, but only 2000 years ago he was a vengeful, angry god. Do we REALLY want to push it?
-- cutedestruction

warpedredhead: Alright, just today I was blaring a CD in my car with my mom and we just happened to be stuck in front of a church. She said "Rock n' roll is going to piss Jesus off..." Imagine what Jesus is saying about this Mary Sue. I wouldn't be surprised if he took his cross, smashed it, and beat the author with one of the wooden beams. (note: As we all know, Jesus is actually a very angry man who will beat you down in a second. Fear him, Mary Sue.)
paulaberr: The "Temple Incident" will be nothing compared to this...
warpedredhead: I should just become a total blasphemer and write a modern Jesus fic. With a Mary Sue Magdalene. ...Hey, that's a good idea... *starts writing... gets struck by lightning on the first keystroke...*
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afrai on her friendslist: I was going to add everyone who's friended me and set up filters and things, but when I went to the edit friends page I just looked at the list and felt my knees turn to water.
I . . . think I'll just go read fanfic instead. Yeah.

Comment-chat of selfsame post:
afrai: 'S mostly the thought of having to set up filters and sort people into them that made me blanch.
sheridankm: Aren't the bodyguards supposed to do that sort of thing?
afrai: I get bodyguards? Hey, why didn't anybody tell me I get to have bodyguards?
sheridankm: Didn't you know? They must be very well trained, then, if you don't even notice them. All BNFs get bodyguards. That's one of the signs, they say.
afrai: Probably my bodyguards are very, very small.
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Language skills are important. *nods seriously*

"I should not sit around talking like Homestar Runner. This is not that Homestar Runner is not funny, because he is. And it is indeed fun to talk like him. However, a guy who talks like Homestar Runner sounds way gay. And not Rupert Everett gay, either, but rather Tiny Tim gay. And frankly, I got enough problems.

I should probably just talk like Strong Bad instead anyway, but I'm not good at talking like Strong Bad. I just sound like a drunken Ricardo Montalban."

-- mightygodking

Y'know, one of these days you'll figure out that I go out of my way to mispronounce anime titles, just to express my disrespect for them. To wit:

Dragonballz GTO (got to lick my balls! got to lick them all!)
Tenchi Muy Muy Macho!
Fight! Super Robot Life Gundam Suckass
Naytja Buoui Ryik Frahir
Yuuyu Yuyu Hakuushuouu (I can just see you hearing this one and saying "No no, you idiot, it's obviously Yuuyu Yuyu HakUUUshuouu! Three u's, you filthy illiterate gaijin!")
Princess Mokonomonokapocahontas
Sailor Tentacle Naughty Britches Sasaameiiy P
He-Man and the Masters of the Uni--wait, sorry.

--jim_smith, in a response to mike_smith
and beyond them is more than memory, tolkien, we are not bound, hope

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From here, I give you one of the most amusing explanations of a comic book character's death/subsequent resurrection ever.

anxietygrrl: Speaking of heroes, sort of, who was it that "killed" Emma Frost recently?
ct_junkie: Okay, so Jean came home to hte mansion to find Scott and Emma in a psychic seduction :) Hee. Kiss!Fuck! It's all in the mind.

Whoa. Parrappa the rappa flasback.

Anyhoo, Jean was all like 'This is MY man, beotch!" and they had themselves a smackdown. Psychically. But nothing had ever really happened b/w Scott and Emma- except poor ole' Frosty thinks she's in Luv with him, no matter how lame he might be. Which she tells Logan, who tells Beast, who goes to cheer her up only to find her dead. Her shattered body encased in her outfit dead. (Cause yknow, she had that nifty second mutation which is all the rage these days so that she could turn her skin to living diamond, like what the fuck ever.)

Then in the next issue, she was apparently killed by some dude with a diamond bullet. Heeh- he musta put J.Lo's engagement ring in straw and blew real hard. (which coincidentally is how JLo got it. Only it wasn't a straw.)
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