July 4th, 2003

drop bear


By far my favorite crazy person was a man we simply referred to as "Elvis". He would call in to reservations and proceed to talk dirty to any girl that picked up the phone. If a guy answered, he hung up and called back.

He'd say things like, "Why dontcha sit on mah face now baby? Uh-uh-huh!" in a voice that sounded very much like the real Elvis. Whoever got the call would instantly mute him, announcing, "I'VE GOT ELVIS!"

The rest of the girls would run back to the reservations office and listen in while the agent put him on speakerphone. He'd stay on the line until he realized there were a gaggle of girls laughing at him. He called without fail on every full moon.

Found on customers_suck Read the comments for the lycanthroperv remark.
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Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

A day without a trollprincess quote is like a day without sunshine....

"As a patriotic American, I've been trying to decide what to do to properly celebrate this holiday. So far, my list includes fully supporting without question whatever truly idiotic thing Bush decides to say or do today, bombing some sort-of dangerous country despite the seriously dangerous one waving nuclear weapons at us from afar, or declaring that James Marsters has a weapon of mass destruction in his pants and demanding to be sent in alone to investigate."
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A conversation that needs sharing

On pretty_fish's LJ, following a great rant about what everyone should think of her journal:

pretty_fish: If you aren't lusting after my journal, you suck.
apocalypsos: *user pounces on pretty_fish's journal and gleefully rogers it in the center of Times Square during New Year's Eve under a massive spotlight* How's that? Does your LJ want a cigarette? ;)
pretty_fish: My LJ wants a fucking cigar.
apocalypsos: Ask Bill Clinton. I'm pretty sure those are his brand.
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you suck too

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altricial on the perversity of her friends list:

It is just lovely how you lot update your LJs about 5 times in 20 minutes to inform the world about the progress of the fungi growth in your sink while I am asleep, and now that I am awake, everyone decides spamming is Beneath Them so I end up having to resort to /friendsfriends to make my eyes bleed. Why do you hate me so.

oneangrykate on the Fourth of July:

I'm not exactly the most patriotic of people, but you have got to love a holiday where the main festivity is blowing shit up.

annlarimer, also on the Fourth of July:

Happy Independence Day to all of you in the U.S. Please remember that firecrackers are not to be applied orally or anally.

To those in the rest of the world: We're really sorry. We didn't elect him, either.