July 1st, 2003

Big-Eyed Spook

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AOL needs to stop upgrading itself. "You can get 9.0 this summer! Guess what? It's really just 8.0 with new IM icons. And 8.0 was really just 7.0 with...new IM icons. We trust that you, the customer, will never, ever, EVER catch on. Have a nice day. If you tell anybody our little secret, we're going to molest you, because we here at AOL think you look a whole lot like a 12 year old boy."

From the journal of the ever amusing hmfeelyat
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Making my presence felt...

I've been reading this community for a while - it provides needed giggles at work - and had three I wanted to share with you.

From acetal

"I found a site once where they claimed to teach Feng Shui martial arts. Presumably they come into your house, rearrange all your furniture and give you bad luck."

From moobie

"I swear, the computer is moving so slow right now, I just saw an Apple IIe crawl past me."

From wgsarah

"Dear Bristol-Meyers (Squibb),

Thank you for making Excedrine Migrane. I love you forever and ever, even if you do make Eastwood smell funny sometimes.

Much love and adoration,


So, how'd I do? ;)
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