June 28th, 2003

Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

Quick, before anyone beats me to it....

Weird thought ... I was jumping from LJ to LJ just killing time this morning and in one of 'em in a discussion of the shiny new Supreme Court decision was the phrase "homosexual agenda." And maybe it's just the time of day or it's just me or something, but what's so special about the homosexual agenda? Seriously, it's just the heterosexual agenda, but with the body parts switched around. Sheesh.

(I think one of the main differences between the heterosexual and homosexual agendas is that in the homosexual agenda is, "Be more fun at parties than everybody else," while in the heterosexual agenda is, "Dance like someone being poked with a cattle prod.")

tea addict


"Came home, crashed, slept for like three hours Got up, watched Monk, loved Monk. (Stottelmeier? Is a sweetheart. I still can't look at the actor without seeing a cross-dressing serial killer, but hey, people have had worse things in their pasts.)"
-- lizbetann
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kuchenhexe: I wonder...if we put PETA, Falwell, Robinson, and Jack Chick in the same room together, if there's any laws of physics that would result in them canceling one another out with their massive stupidity and just ceasing to exist...

daijinryuu: Or they'd just merge into some grotesque giga-stupid, like a mix of that huge squishy blood-monster at the end of Akira and all of Pauly Shore's movies.