June 27th, 2003

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duma, in response to a post about MPREG:

Dear valued writer,

   We tried to read your journal entry on
...but couldn't due to 

power failure 
faulty monitor 
unusual solar flare activity 
personal injury

Entry too damn disturbing.

   It might help us avoid similar failures in future if you were
not make me want to burn my eyes out
 Thank you for your co-operation.
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I think we should declare today a national holiday, in honor of the Supreme Court decision. Yes folks, it's Sodomy Day! Celebrate with your loved one! Commit as many acts of sodomy as you can manage in a twenty four hour period! Or, hey, write about them! Come on folks, give me some sodomy fic! You know you wanna. Yay, sodomy!

Seriously, it's so much cooler than Flag Day.

Found in sparkledark's journal.
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O, Sodomite Whorehouse, our home and native land...

And just out of curiosity, I went to the Westboro Baptist Church Website (godhatesfags.com--Fred "Chuckles" Phelps official website) just to see how much they were stroking out after this last week. I hate these people with every fiber of my being and couldn't find them more antithetical to everything I was raised to believe was Christian--but, at the same time, I find them more pathetically funny than anything a lot of the time. They have a great headline up there right now, too: "WBC to picket the monstrous sodomite whorehouse masquerading as a nation -- CANADA -- and burn the filthy Maple Leaf flag." So, watch out, Canada! Jesus is coming and he's packing heat! -- movies_michelle
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I don't know if the mpreg (I'm sorry, it sounds like a damned compression utility. "Yeah, I'm gonna mpreg up the text file and just FTP it over to you.") folks take the story beyond delivery of the Bundle Of Joy or not, because I avoid those stories like the plague. (You know me, I'm all about the scientifically accurate. Mpreg frightens me. But what REALLY Frightens me is Highlander Mpreg.) ("So, Duncan, I'll mpreg up the text file on renegade watchers and FTP it right over to you." "Thanks, Methos.")

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Junebugs don't burn. Seriously.

ldymusyc related the tale of how somehow the Junebug got inside. Finally, it was trapped.
I smacked that bugger with a shoe, shoved it on to a piece of paper. Then I carried it into the kitchen, turned on a burner, and set the bastard on fire. You know what I learned from this?


Oh, no. No they don't. They just sit there in the flames. Damned little hard-shelled things. I had to scrape it out of the fire with a spoon, dump it in a glass of water, and carry it outside to toss into the street, gibbering the whole way.
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