June 26th, 2003


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue

"Flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp - beta carotene makes them pink. It makes us orange, but that rarely comes up. In other words, a flamingo's interaction with its environment is dependent on what it consumes. I think this is an important lesson for us all, in more than an ABC after-school special kind of way. And don't sniff glue."

--discoflamingo explains the 'flamingo' portion of his username.
Wow Neat

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I've been engaged in a state of irritation with the District Manager of late, and it's only through my sheer willpower last night that I didn't just fucking explode and

a) punch her in the throat
b) blackmail her for highly illegal things she's done
c) quit and then perhaps go back to option A, or at the very least just pee on her.

-- moonandserpent
banana - RS.org

Harry Potter and the Exploding Fandom

titanic_days : So the fandom isn't getting downsized?
titanic_days : Administration will be the first to go.
tromboneborges : No, I suspect the fandom is getting way upsized, actually.
titanic_days : Does our budget allow for this?
tromboneborges : Not at all.
tromboneborges : We will thus be making owlman work triple overtime.
titanic_days : Good, increased productivity - that's what I like to see
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How Hot IS It?

"Personally I find this heat about as appealing as being trapped inside an Earl Scheib Infrared Quartz Finish High-Intensity Drying System with 44,000 watts of infrared power to dry from the inside out, but your opinion may vary." -- caribouken
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