June 24th, 2003


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"In the good news department, I found a box turtle five feet outside the front door, so I brought him in and told my folks it was their anniversary present. Man, that turtle had an evil face. Some box turtles are cute, but this guy was like Alan Rickman in a shell with his "put.me.down. OUTSIDE! You ig-norant ape!"

At Casa Stang, even the box turtles have attitudes."

Desperada, K: Desperada
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Bring me the head of Harry Potter, so I can drink beer from it and sanity may return to the world. That evil bespectacled Mephistopheles has taken over my Friends list, and stomped flat all conversation like the army of El Magnifico through a banana republic. Give him to John Constantine for twenty quality minutes alone...with a cricket bat. Give him a heroin addiction and a career in male prostitution in the seedy ends of Leeds. Bring on the clap, crabs and syphilis (big comeback in Europe and Japan, kinda like Cheap Trick)....

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"I was up half of last night because of the damn dog barking at the invisible creatures. Maybe we do have a house elf. In which case I would really really like Tucker to just go ahead and _eat_ him, so that he no longer spends his time barking at nothing."

-- norabombay
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