June 16th, 2003

Desperada, K: Desperada
  • kielle

Today's batch...

If today's kung fu lesson had a title it would have been: An introduction to the ground. Hi there, Mr. Ground!
-- farix_arkwright

[Re: Star Wars II:] It was worth sitting through two hours of wooden acting (seriously, they could have replaced Anakin with a stick with a paper plate face on the end of it...) just to see Yoda go all schoolyard.
-- technophobia

skywaterblue: My memory of that moment, around midnight, is my very favorite Star Wars memory. Not just for the fight scene, but for the collective "Bad ASS!" of the audience...
trishalynn: So Yoda wins the "Badass of all time" award?
kitsunekaboom: Nah, you have to be able to kick Godzilla's ass as well as Rodan and Mothra, to be considered the Badass of all time. :D
trishalynn: No Gamera?
acetal: Gamera is a turtle that flys by spinning around and around really fast. Need I say more? ;)

And yesterday morning, some of the other folks we were with went out at about 6:30 am (they asked if I wanted to go, and I told them to go away, LOL), and saw a shark not ten feet from them in the water. I'd have shit a kitten.
-- eiluned