June 14th, 2003


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gaminegirl writes:

(i light up a cigarette in bed)
bailey: most house fires start from people smoking in their houses, you know.
me: you say that just as if it were a tragedy.

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this one's from perverse_access (okay, so it's a syn feed, but it's a good quote):

One of the things in the airplane catalog was a copy of the One Ring, from Lord of the Rings. I've seen this item other places, and I don't understand why anyone would want to buy it. What's the message here? "I am a minion of evil!"? Worse yet, what's the message of giving it to your sweetie as a gift? "I want you to be under psychic assault all the time by the primary agent of evil in the world!"? This is not what I'd call conducive to a happy ongoing relationship.

One of the Elven rings or the Elven brooches, that I can understand. But Sauron's talisman of power strikes me as something any sensible soul would pass on.

*g* I've had days like this ...

Oh, and when I got home, I left the door open, and then I had to play a little game of Batman, Get Your Ass Back In Here.


Um, the cat is named Batman. I am not yet so tired that I am hallucinating and chasing imaginary superheroes with identity crises around my driveway.

*thinks again*


-- celli
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