June 12th, 2003

SP Dee

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It wasn't so bad after work when I couldn't feel my feet...

Then I got to class and I couldn't feel my brain.

I hate Statistics.

With a fiery unending passion.

How fiery? It makes Lex Luthor's gay pale in comparison. That fiery.

How unending? It will transcend my death. I will come back as a little Cellighost, find my textbook, and stomp it into little teeny tiny statistical pieces.

Really little ones.

As a ghost!

-- celli
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Yet more Miceness! :)

The names "Wicca Gurl" and "Mage Kitty" strike fear into my heart. Seriously, no insane giggling is occurring as I type this. They are true forces of nature. I should think twice before facing off with Wicca Gurl and Mage Kitty, because from that I may have to encounter Eye of Newtie Cutie, Sista Solstice, Pentacle Princess, and whoever else was watching "The Craft" at Wicca Gurl's house that night.

-- mice (re. two heinously stupid FF.net denizens)
Fox and magpie (art (c) kyoht.com)

Oh gods; I think I saw stars...

I've gotten permission to post this from the original poster, so... And I'm sure we're allowed to post snippets from chatlogs if the material appears in the LiveJournals...

frozenblaise: Hm.
frozenblaise: Potter aside, how have things been then?
Only1Parvati: Haha.
Only1Parvati: I think things have revolved around him. Except O.W.L.s, of course.
frozenblaise: Of course. ;)
Only1Parvati: Argh.
frozenblaise: What?
Only1Parvati: Just the whole situation.
frozenblaise: It's frustrating, I can see. Thinking about wringing any necks in particular?
Only1Parvati: Harrys. But I won't tell him that.
frozenblaise: You never know--he might find the idea intriguing.
Only1Parvati: The idea of having his neck wrung? hahahaha
frozenblaise: Auto-erotic asphixiation--it's always the innocent-looking ones, like Potter.

As found in a post seen here.
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firefly - kaylee smile

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Yes, well, I'm Chaobell's sister's mother-in-law's daughter's third cousin's friend from the third grade, and Chaobell is dying of oxygen deprivation from inhaling a forkful of Red Lantern's General Tsao's chicken, and she said your "sister's" fic sucks and that she needs to deal with it.

-- chaobell posting here re: a particularly wanky Mary Sue author
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Attack of the Sequels (Short Version)
Matrix: Reloaded: dire
X2: absolutely storming

I think I've got the idea of the game, so here's my entry:
Terminator 2: Total drivel. No pace at all.
Home Alone 2: Roxxxx !!!!

Godot 2: The Arrival: surprisingly bad.
The Importance of Being Ernest 2: The Impotence of Ernest Bing: surprisingly good.
Fox and magpie (art (c) kyoht.com)

Was it really that bad?

As seen at marysues.

"Well, after creating (and rather blatantly pimping) bad_crossovers, I got the urge to make a report, and made my way into the RW section again. This rather grammar-challenged abomination not only ran out and humped my leg, but pissed on my carpet, chewed the newspaper, and chased the cats up a tree. So, I decided to share the pain. Y'all know the drill."


From now on, I keep bad fic outside in the backyard trashbin. :P
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The post in hoom_hoom: Oh my god, Elijah Wood has the most annoying laugh ever. o.O

aerindipity: I agree. He is also highly stupid. So why do I have such a crush on him?

Oh, the mysteries of the universe shall never be solved...
bnh: Ahahah, he is sort of cute, when he doesn't, um, speak. Or laugh.
aerindipity: Or move. Really, he's only attractive when he stands there and looks angsty.

And yet... damn.

(also in response to aerindipity) weetanya: perhaps it's because he's a great actor, but terrible at improv?
aerindipity: Replace "great actor" with "sex muffin", and I agree completely.