June 11th, 2003

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From an open letter to wannabe "gangstas"...

[The word is] "never." Write it as "never." If you must, write it as "nevah" But it is not "neva." "Neva" has a long e sound. I know this because it's my first name. I've spent most of my life educating people on its long e. In your exploration of thuggy goodness that you seem to think lies within your surburban bad-ass soul, you darken my identity. For that, you don't get a cookie.

-- mice
bitch PLEASE

mmm pasta!

ahli has just made a delicious bowl of pasta with some green stuff in it. Hilarity ensues.

oliveoyl: *covets*
ahli: *flings some in the general direction of Ohio*
oliveoyl: *watches as delicious pasta salad falls into Lake Erie for the walleye*
ahli: FAHAAHAHAHAH! I don't think there are any live fish in Lake Erie. I used to swim in it when I was little and ick. Ick.
oliveoyl: ME TOO OMG. There's always that one dead white thing that they say is a fish but is actually some evil gross thing straight from HELL.
ahli: And a seagull carcass or two on the beach.
oliveoyl: Ahahaha. At Lake Erie, there is always someone going on about how you can see Canada from our side and I was always like 'no, I cannot, I only see more water, you idiot' and now I realize that I was supposed to be staring at CANADIAN WATER and not searching for land like goddamn Ponce de Leon or something.
ahli: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Explorer!Zlot! omg circumnavigate me, baby ;)
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This is Danielle finding extremely random things she said months ago very funny:

"There is to be no sex in the elf-king ward."

Why, yes, I am a whore. :) *bows and takes her leave*