June 10th, 2003


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nondescriptboy: that's jus tit too. if they were big i could sing their songs at karaoke rooms
nondescriptboy: i dunno why but the letters t and it always seem to stick together when i type
stjude: your fingers are fucked up
nondescriptboy: yeah. crazy boobsessed hands

from nondescriptboy
christmas - axial
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Ewan for Industry!

I also think classic films, rather than being colorized, should be Ewanized. Imagine it: Rick's Cafe Americain. Sam playing piano. Ilsa looking mournful. Shirtless Ewan wandering by, giving the audience a wave, then moving offscreen.

That's entertainment. -- yahtzee63

Argh ...

That's it, I'm getting off LJ for today before I sprain something. In any event, the quote ...

3. Can I eat your shoes?

I suggest the boots, they're not too tough a leather. The suede boots are a bit more than someone can handle in on sitting, but can be stored in the refrigerator later for other meals. My chucks have a rather distinctive odor, much like limburger. These are not shoes for eating, they're for laying down and avoiding.

-- fallofrain, in response to one of lostkun's Five Questions
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DonnaCSoprano: D'ya ever sit around and wonder ... do Shawn Ashmore and Aaron Stanford have any idea how many chicks in this country would give it up for them, no questions asked?
X wolfspring X: I think...maybe they do...when they have nothing else to ponder on, or when they're drunk, or when they're...no wait...that's just my fantasy at play.
DonnaCSoprano: They probably call each other up ... "Dude ... have you been on the Internet lately? We are SO awesome."
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Desperada, K: Desperada
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Bad news: I am now a quivering pile of goo.
Good news: I can now be easily cleaned up by a Bounty paper towel. It's in a commercial, I've seen them do it. :)
-- apocalypsos

Don't tell [Magneto] I said that. Like the iron in my blood, want to keep it there.
-- apocalypsos