June 9th, 2003

Wow Neat

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I know that I'm only supposed to critique the story. I know my personal feelings should not get in the way of this. I know I should not insult the author personally. But I want to punch the author in the face, then set fire to her computer.

-- anonymous, in marysues

Me me, anyone? ;D

In regards to a post asking about 'memes'.

reddheart: ..what my dot-bomb tried to sell before it went belly-up on Friday the 13th. Heh.

alk: I can just see someone trying to sell a 'meme'...
Customer: "Excuse me, can I have a meme?"
Vendor: "Me...me?"
"No, meme..."
"I repeat...you want me to sell myself twice?"
"MEME. As in, an idea that spreads around..."
"And how did the word 'meme' come from 'idea that spreads itself around'?"
"...not a clue."