June 4th, 2003

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ramlatch: *pounce* THERE YOU ARE!

halfwest: THERE I am! Oh, thanks. I nearly thought I'd lost me...

ramlatch: Oh good, I'd hate to have you lose yourself, I've lost myself a couple times and it's quite hard to find me, believe me. Or believe me, because me never really knows what she's saying, but then, me is rather odd sometimes. But don't listen to any of them, they're quite mad, you see.

halfwest: Oh, I understand completely. Most of me is mad as a hatter. In fact, one of me IS a hatter.

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On SV, Heat and Lex's marriages

From emrinalexander :

I was joking about the betting pool already being set up on how many weddings Lex will have in SV, Season 3, to which my better half replied "You know, maybe he can just get married every week."

Me: But all his wives - so far - have tried to kill him.

Annie: Even better - he can be like Kenny on South Park!

Me: Why - yes! They can both die every week and then come back to life.

Annie: Only Kenny has the sense not to get married.
jenny linsky

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It's gotten to the point where, when I see people mourning "Firefly," I just want to shake them and say, "People! In two years, Zoe would have been killed off, Simon would be physically abusing Kaylee, Mal would be killing people for fun and getting justified for it, and we'd still be seeing the Westward Ho take sponge baths!"

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