June 3rd, 2003

Royriza: internal affairs
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I've been told that I 'must must must' watch this show on TNN called Extreme Elimination which I will do because this person generally doesn't steer me wrong, but really...Extreme Elimination? You'd think they coulda given it a better name...one that doesn't sound like some tragic laxative accident.

From ubervixen
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In response to this picture:

wildlikecurt: Uh, well the cup looks like someone was trying to make a macchiato out of mushed banana, piss, and a lemon slice. The trash bag could contain anything. Severed body parts, filthy disgusting rotting food, bandages soaked with filth. Ew, that is so gross. Actually, the more I look at the trashbag the more it resembles a severed ass.
ahli: What's odd is that there is no foul smell emanating from the area at all. Perhaps we are not looking at organic material. O_o
wildlikecurt: ..... it may be some kind of alien substance. Or like supernatural things. It could be Satan's little yellow soft drink.