June 1st, 2003

Desperada, K: Desperada
  • kielle

Another fun one from marysues...

tviokh: I did NOT just see "half angel"...did I? Because, if I did, I believe my eyes are going to explode.
limyaael: It is, indeed, a half-angel. Sorry about your eyes.
tviokh: All right, this is YOUR fault, you get over here and wipe the eye juice off of my monitor! :P
limyaael: *wipes up eye juice* You just wait. I will find a half-hippogriff Harry Potter Sue, someday, and post it here. Then you'll be sorry you wasted all the good eye-juice on this one!

On Domlijah.

From here:

ramlatch: ¬_¬ Does anyone mind if I ask how this intense belief in Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood being lovers came about? Because I'm sort of clueless...um.

annlarimer: Well son, sometimes Wish Fulfillment and Unfounded Rumor decide that they love each other in a very special, grown-up way, and want to be together. And that's where Group Delusions come from!