May 26th, 2003

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META: New sister-community!


Now, I know some of you didn't like this idea, which is why I've tried to shift it so it doesn't exactly overlap this community's purpose. We have a lot of fans here (like me, heh) but also a lot of people who would like a touch less Tolkien, sometimes, so...perhaps this would provide an indulgent little outlet? Y'see, LOTRquotes is not restricted to stuff found on LJ, so (for example) you could keep posting LJ gems here and use the other for things you run across in interviews, fanfics, etc.

Come on in, huh? Should be fun...

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Matrix thought

"What if the tall beautiful people existed ONLY inside the Matrix? What if there was no physical one-to-one correspondence? What if Keanu Reeves wakes up in that nasty little tank thing and discovers that not only is he bald and terrified, he's also Steve Buscemi?" -- truepenny

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the ever quotable halowrites -
anyway. i got mail from the Doubleday bookclub today. (this entry just keeps on amping up the thrill-a-minute stuff, doesn't it? you're welcome), and in the brochure was a blurb all about a book called Sensational Sex. dude-- not only is it packed with (and i quote) "over 70 sizzling, x-rated photos of the most raunchy and exciting sex positions ever"-- it also comes with 3-D glasses! yes, that's right...30 of the 70 photos are in 3-D! i dunno about you, but i'm positively quivering in my undies (or would be, if i were in fact wearing any) at the prospect of seeing nekkid pink bits leaping out at me in the orgasmic splendor that is the wonder of 3-D! i'm so very tempted to buy it, just for the cheesiness factor alone.
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