May 25th, 2003

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"Also, I don't ever get on metaquotes, so I'm, like, dude, I'm not the centre of their universe. Fuckaduck. Of course right now, sitting here with cold toes, granddad paisley flanelette pjs and hungover hair, I don't really want to be the centre of my own universe."


I am so cheap. But. Loyalty to the pet Aussie. Sure, she doesn't really know/agree that she's my pet, but OHOHOHO I will bend her to my will.
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My mother was being eeeevil this afternoon. Her words were "you want to have Samwise's babies, curly-headed chubby little babies who run in from the fields with their faces and hands all streaked with dirt and they hand you a flower and climb on your lap and play with your hair and say 'mummy, tell me a story.'" And then I told her to hush or my ovaries would explode and then she'd get no grandchildren at all.

-- sharpest_rose
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I'm thinking about creating another community specifically for LOTR-oriented quotes. That's not to say that they won't be allowed here, but it might be fun. What do you think? (I'll probably do it anyway, but I'm curious. ;)

Please do -- I'll join it.
Please do, though I may not join.
No, don't!
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from trishalynn:

We were all trading riffs back and forth about how whether or not Disney would spend the money to revamp the rides at Disney World or Disneyland [after seeing preives for Pirates of the Carribean].

"They're gonna spend the money."
"They're *not* going to spend the money."
"If I had the money, I'd spend it."
"I'd spend more money than you would."
"You know if I had the money, I still wouldn't spend it."

So when Zack got a call near the end of "24", and he came back, someone asked, "Who was it? And who would call in the middle of '24'?"

He replied, "It was Disney. They're not going to spend the money."