May 20th, 2003

quiet sensation. [credit to ariel]

Another Meta-Metaquote

quoted by some_stars, from the June issue of Vanity Fair magazine:

Bush wore a leather bomber jacket with a fur collar and the Camp David seal; Blair wore a blue pullover, blue suede shoes, and jeans so tight his hands couldn't fit comfortably in his pockets. "He put the charm offensive on me and it worked", Bush said of Blair. Asked what they had in common, Bush told the press, "Well, we both use Colgate toothpaste."

"They're going to wonder how you know that, George," Blair shot back.

Muahahahaha. *starts singing "Shoot the Dog"*


Necropolis bracelets

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"My mom typed the following in an IM conversation:

Mom: tebe nyjna horoshaia, ymnaia, dobrai devochka. ti krasibii i ymnii, vse tebia lubiat, tolko ti sam sebia ne lubish, ischesh priklucheniia na svou jopy.

Translation: You need a good, smart, nice girl. You're attractive and smart, everyone loves you. But you don't love yourself. That is why you go looking for butt adventures.

I kid you not; She wrote butt adventures in phonetic Russian!"

elven_wolf -  subtext?

Sadly how true this is...

As told by the immortal queerasjohn:
Dear Messrs. Bush, Ridge, Rumsfeld, et al ad infinitum ad nauseamMMIV,

As the immortal Elle Woods put it, "whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed". Do you have any idea what your thoughtless raising of the terror level has done to the wardrobe coordination issues of thousands of gay and female Americans?

Oh, wait. Y'all don't give a flying fuck about gay rights or women's rights. My bad.
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