May 19th, 2003



This is what happens when you employ aunties who speak bad English.

*overheard at a MacDonald's restaurant*

Cashier: "Gooduh evening Sir. What can I get you?"
Man: "One McChicken meal please."
Cashier: "You want to upsize your cock?"
Man: *looks at cashier flabbergasted* "Excuse me?"
Cashier(in an impatient tone): "Upsize your cock. 50 cent to upsize your cock."(points from one picture of a regular drink to another of a large drink)
Man: "Oh. Uh, no thanks."
Cashier: "That will be 4.50, please."
Man: "Oh, add one more regular flench flies."
Cashier: "Coming right up."

-- froufrou

'Cest is everywhere!

You know what I just realized would be a perfect twincest pairing? The colon and the semicolon. Granted, they're not identical twins, more like fraternal, but hey, still twins. And obviously the semicolon would be the top, 'cause it's got the package to get the job done.

Just think about it.

quiet sensation. [credit to ariel]

*deep breath*

Originally from RPGnet forums, quoted by wingedcoyote over AIM to gelishan, who sent it to calitetra who quoted it on her LJ.

Got it? Good. ^_^

Dude... Agent Smith is a highly evolved porn popup. You think you got rid of it, and like, 10,000 more show up, and you have to shut down the entire bloody system.

"Mister Anderson, click here for HOT TEEN BUTTFUCKING."