May 17th, 2003

Desperada, K: Desperada
  • kielle

A little crude today... ;)

It's horrible. It's beyond horror. Yes, dear people -- The Matrix: Reloaded has been out for less than 48 hours . . . but already the Matrix Mary Sues and crapfics are piling up at ffnet like shit in a cattle pen after someone's slipped Ex-Lax into the feed.
-- maureenlycaon

I wish there was cereal shaped like pirates. Captain Blood Nuggets.
Actually, you could just as easily call that Homoeroticism Inna Bowl. Good for growing children!
-- hisgreyeyes

In this scene, Koumi is describing a porn game to John, wherein the amazing life-giving blowjob is given. Something about life forces just brimming over too.
Next episode: John laments the fact that Kori will probably not buy the "without one I will perish" story.
-- crantz
Desperada, K: Desperada
  • kielle

Mutant theme!

I would so dearly love to MST some of these [bad X2 Cyclops/Wolverine fics]. They're like car accidents -- I know I shouldn't be watching and thinking "God, this is horrible," but I can't bring myself to look away. It's Scott Summers, mutant, English teacher, and amateur porn writer!
-- corialis

My sister made me watch cartoons. X-Men Evolution, to be precise. We were hyper. Every time Kurt was on the screen, one of us would say, in a German accent, "I'm a pretty little German girl!"

While this probably amuses only me, one last bit of our oddness (beyond deciding Nick Fury was Wolverine's girlfriend):

Jean (on the TV): But what would the Prof. have us do?
Me as Scott: Have us strip, sit in his lap, and play Santa?
Cyn as Kurt: You too!?

-- crantz (who is on a ROLL today!)