May 16th, 2003

bitch PLEASE

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Speaking of Hell, I'll have to attend church. A Southern Baptist church. I still think I am going to walk into church one day, and all the things about/in me God supposedly would hate will cause me to spontaneously combust. That's more a Catholic thing, though. Maybe as a Southern Baptist I'll start convulsing and foaming at the mouth, begging God to heal me please oh god heal me the devil hurts so bad.
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I love saints. I just love saints. It's like becoming a superhero post-mortem. It's amazing. Only let's see A SUPERHERO WITH A SWORD THROUGH HIS HEAD!

There's hardcore, and then there's hardcore!! There's a motto! Catholocism: Sorry About Everything, But At Least Some Of Our Saints Are Hardcore; I Mean, St. Thomas Has A Sword Through His Head, Boyeeeeee.

--spinooti discusses the finer points of her faith.
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