May 12th, 2003

SP Dee

Ohmigawd! Can I MAKE MONEY FAST Too??? ;-)

"Why, upon checking my e-mail, I've just discovered that I can purchase one acre of land on the moon for just...$29.99! I feel so blessed! Quick, quick, everyone - give them your credit card details! How can you miss out on this fantastic opportunity?" --suzvoy

"And not only that, you can probably also increase your penis size AND increase your breast size without surgery. You'll be the most interesting person on that moon. *g*" --yamadara

"Personally, I favour increasing my ejaculation by 681%. I mean, who wouldn't want that??" --suzvoy </i>[in her journal]</i>
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On Angels

"I've developed a fascination with churches and Catholic oddities, which can be confusing to people (say, at work) who think I've suddenly got religion just because I start discussing the various orders of angels. Helpful hints: good people do not become angels when they die, because angels are big and scary and have four faces and six wings and are occasionally shaped like big brass wheels." -heck