May 8th, 2003

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Ah, Gambier. Where the big news/gossip is that one of the Amish families now has two horses pulling their carriage (and seems to be showing off by riding up and down the main drag more than they usually do).
-- icepixie
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glitterpixy:They did a study once and found out that babies who are surrounded by ANY colors except for the traditional pink (for girls) or blue (for boys) turn out to be GAY.
The other colors make them GAY.
And the colors also change their RACE.
Yes, white babies turn BLACK, CHINESE, or INDONESIAN if you allow them to be dressed in, sleep on, or look at nursery walls that are ANY color other than pink (for girls) or blue (for boys).

Really. I am NOT making this up. Not at ALL.

(Emphasis on gender is retarded.)
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Once again exercising my cheerfully biased right to make an exception for our friend Fandom_Wank, here's two excerpts from what may very well be the Best Thread Ever:

mer1973: Okay, it's official. We're screwed, and it's not the good kind. If it was the good kind, you know the type with sheets being ripped and sweat dripping, I wouldn't mind, but no, no, no, it's the "oh fuck, here come's the re-education camp" type. :::sobs quietly in a corner::: I'm too young to be brainwashed.

stalin (about plagiarism): And if you investigate the story it usually turns out that the characters the 'writer' is bothered about are the very last characters anybody would want to steal in any case: blatant self insertions or characters so weak and wimpy that the only reasonable fate for them is death in a hotel fire.