April 18th, 2003

Wow Neat

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If the Heaven subplot [in "A Life Less Ordinary"] had been dropped and it was basically Ewan McGregor being intimidated, molested, screamed at and shot by Cameron Diaz for two hours it would have been much better.

And the Archangel Gabriel telling people he hadn't the authority to interfere? Well, tell me, boy, who's higher up the chain than you? There's Michael, there's God. That's it. If Heaven's number-three man has got his hands tied, jesus, no wonder you lot can't get anything done. And the white flower pattern on your shirt is very ugly.

-- hisgreyeyes
Wow Neat

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Spotted on marysues -- it makes sense if you know Thranduil is Legolas's father, and I'm fairly sure most of you know who Legolas is.

paulaberr: Oh sweet Eru! This is the sort of person who gives [this awful story] reviews, I just found this one: "Hey, this is kind of intresting...One thing confused me though-isn't Thranduil King of Rohan and not even an elf?"
enochiansigils: That reviewer just killed baby Jesus.
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Understating Naivete

On American Idol's Clay Aiken (and I'm reporting back to hell immediately following this):

"Here's something else shocking: I'm becoming increasingly more and more anti-Clarmen. [Clay Aiken and Carmen Rasmusen] I don't want them together, because I so want to meet him and for him to fall in love with me, get married to me, and let me have his Claybies. I haven't been this obsessed with a "real-life popstar" since Ashley Angel." -- poster in clay_aiken