April 17th, 2003

bitch queen

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gj_fate writing in marysues:
We all see the Harry Potter Twin story. Heck, it's probably the second most over-used plot in the Harry Potter fandom (the first being the transfer student with a Dark Secret). Well, this one's different. This one does not have Harry's twin sister. It has Harry's triplet sisters! And they say originality is dead...

The MSTing is great. Also, later in categorizing the MS:
Fandom: Why, the second most raped of all fandoms, of course! (first being LoTR)
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spartonian: Leet speak should be made illegal... now... punishable be testicular amputation. In the case a female should ever actually devolve to the point of using leet speak, she should have to marry Bill Gates.

shaynehunter: Wait, I get my balls cut off and she gets to move in with the richest person in the world? I object.


From malisita: It should be noted that I wasn't only being blasphemous in my own religion today. A few other comments were "Why do they call it 'Good Friday'? It wasn't so good for Jesus." and "He's hanging up there with all these people around, thinking, 'Would you quit fucking crying and get a ladder?'"
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