April 10th, 2003

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Remember Osama Bin Laden? Tall guy, lives in caves, on dialysis. Your country was attacking his country to get a hold of him, but I guess you forgot. Fuckwad.

--hollsh on NY gov. george pataki's assertion that the war with iraq began on 9/11
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Last night, when my roommate called out, "Carmen's not in the bottom three," I thought, "Carmen? CARMEN? It's not like she can sing at ALL. They put the Kimberlies below Carmen? What the --- "

And then I realized. My roommate has made me interested in what happens on "American Idol." I feel like Luke Skywalker in that cave on Dagobah, staring down at Darth Vader's helmet. The darkness is inside.

-- yahtzee63

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If that boy tries to do it again he'll have his balls fed to him and he will talk so high pitched that he could pass very nicely as a chipmunk...

-akiro when a student tried to ruin her cd.
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