April 4th, 2003

Wow Neat

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I must be tired. I just made a post that contained the line "canoodling with werewolves."
-- hisgreyeyes

I am getting a rock!!! It's a SPECIAL rock. You wear it around your neck and it absorbs all the nastybad radio waves and energy waves from cell phones and computers and satellites and cars and STUFF. It's a GOOD rock! :)
-- halfwest

Warning: This story is an exercise in how many times I can put the word "fuck" in a story without my spell-checker imploding on itself.
-- suzene
Fox and magpie (art (c) kyoht.com)

On the weather and climate of Southern Ontario and Western New York

As seen in Coresti's post, which was unlocked so I could post it here. ^_^

coresti: Oh yes. Coming back into school today was a mistake. Evil evil evil. The weather is terrible, piled on with homework and shit, and the only reason I came back today was for the chem lab, WHICH WE DIDN'T EVEN END UP HAVING!!!!!!

Me: If it's any consolation, the weather here ain't much better. They're calling for more of this stuff to appear tomorrow...

It's only spring according to the calendar; in reality is another story...

Coresti: No, we don't have spring. We have Cold, Watery Cold, Blistering Cold, and DAMN!!!! THAT'S FUCKING COLD!!!!

Ain't it the truth...
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