March 30th, 2003



"In the beginning, God said 'Let there be primordial sludge.' So, there was. Over time that sludge clumped together and formed stuff. Mini-malls, planets, Tomatoes, squirrels, people, water buffalo etc., (in the order). God came back from his nap, (which was required by the daycare center), and said: 'Mrs. Hampton.... somebody messed up my sludge!'"

From ion_duck

Desperada, K: Desperada
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Discussing a really BAD Mary Sue...

spyderqueen: I stab my head.
crystaldawn: When you're done, can I have whatever you're using? I need to take out my eyes, like I've been promising to do for a long time now. X_x
spyderqueen: Just a fork. Once you have the desperation inspired adrenaline rush, you can really get that sucker in there.

Koshiroryuu: Oh, and yes, this *is* incredibly nitpicky compared to the rest of the crap there is to complain about in this slimy bit of fic-like whatever-the-hell-it-is. I think I may be in denial about all that, though. Or possibly just in shock. Would that be why I'm dizzy and my skin's all clammy? Hmm...
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So Crantz comes home from Hawaii to find that he's been cloned...

crantz: Oh my lord. This can't be natural. Do I have to pay child support?
cricketclone: So does this make you my daddy?
crantz: Unwilling gene donor. In some provinces this means I can sell your organs on the black market and buy myself an x-box. Given that Manitoba is not one of these, I will be forced to reflect and realize that I have never followed these guidelines anyway. Hold still. *holds up machete*
cricketclone: Eeeh. *flees to a safe distance* I could be much more profitable to you alive -- I swear...
crantz: As what?
cricketclone: *eyedarts* Personal servant/henchman/footstool? ...I have an instinctive desire to serve you...
crantz: You look like [Jonathan Rhys-Meyers]. I'm selling you on a street corner. C'mon.
cricketclone: I DO NOT WANT TO BE SOLD ON THE STREET CORNER!!! I will act retarded and call you Dadoo. No one will buy me!
crantz: There's some mighty fine eatin' on you, boy.