March 29th, 2003



"Instilling fear into your peoples and hiding your chemical, biological, and nukeular weapons and hoarding all your oil to yourself is wrong! I am the magical President Sailor Bush! And in the name of Freedom, Justice, and Oil, I will punish you!" - loopychew attempts to melt our brains.
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munchkinott: New lesson learned today: Laughing so hard you shoot Pepsi down your nose while reading f_w, not nice.
nevadafighter: Mmmmm . . . got all those bubbles up in your sinuses, eh?
munchkinott:More a direct caffeine shot, straight through the sinal membrane...
*passes straight out*
Remember kids, just say NO. There's no such thing as a 'soft' drink.
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I cannot find the expiration date on my box of Saltines! This is causing me much distress. I know they've been in my pantry unopened for quite some time...before christmas maybe. But then after some thought, do Saltines actually have an expiration date? Being merely flour, air, and salt they may have a longer shelf life than the plastic they're wrapped in... This is a mystery to consider.
-- inkysweet

If I see one more slimy Harry Potter fic depict Hermione Granger as some long-legged, missle-titted sex bomb and throw her into the sack with freaking Severus Snape, there may come a time in the future that sees me scrubbing the sordid, bloody evidence of various homicidal impulses away from my otherwise immaculate person.
-- glamoursnipe

Every time you write a Mary Sue, God kills a decent author. Please think of the decent authors. O_O;;
-- hopetofly
Wow Neat

This is probably funnier if you're Australian *G*

So, saw Ned Kelly this evening, which might as well be called Joe Byrne Gets Some Play. It's all about the Gay, which is probably the contact high from having a member of the Fellowship in the midst. Aaron Sherrit and Joe Byrne's angsty star-crossed angst, and Dan Kelly and Steve Hart's tragical puppylove, and Joe Byrne's extreme pimp-daddy ways, and Bernard Fanning in a cameo that caused me to die laughing from the sheer dork factor, and Naomi Watts reinforcing my suspiscions that she's actually a clone of Nicole Kidman (Not A Bad Thing), and there's a monkey! And The Great Grate Orlando! And...and...Joe Byrne getting some play. That's essentially all the movie was about. There might have been bushrangers, too.

There's a special hell for people who slash members of the Kelly Gang. Yep. It's next door the the Special Hell I'm already on the waiting list for, so yay! Short commute!

Gay, gay, gaygaygay. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeegay.

-- sharpest_rose