March 25th, 2003


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"Heard Bush speaking via radio this morning. Was struck by how much his speech patterns resembled those of William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk."

--from the Livejournal of finabair
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tekmagika regarding undergoing testing for an interview:

"If all goes well and I don't come back as a crack addict, glue sniffer, serial killer or LiveJournal user, I should be employed by the beginning of next week."
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Miss Gina in an act of desperation....

I think I can be funny, fuckers! Quote meeeee!

And then I came to the realization, you won't. So, behold, I QUOTE MYSELF! Wuhahahahaha!

wildlikecurt: John C. Reilly: talented actor, great singing voice, big tub of sex.

Ed Harris: talented actor, nice little man, on his way to the world of Depends.


oliveoyl: Ed Harris is sex squared.

I will think of that and laugh everytime I watch The Hours. ;P