March 19th, 2003


how to lure your kitten back home, by anj

'Dad told us to get a blanket that he likes to sleep on and drag it around the surrounding blocks to create a scent trail for him to follow home. We used a pair of shorts that Nero likes to sleep on in the hallway. I tied a string to one of the beltloops and hauled it around the neighborhood with Gina. People stared at us, of course, walking a pair of pants the way we were. Gina named the shorts "Sophie". I started talking to and coaxing the pants whenever people were nearby. When they weren't, I called, "THE POWER OF PANTS COMPELS YOU," to any cats lurking nearby.'


Timliness, SV and EPCOT

I'm quoting from a comment left in my LJ by my Smallville sister-in-addiction katkim. I'd just returned from EPCOT:

Glad, you had a good time. I remember going to the England section, but my Brother made us leave immediately - we didn't fly across the ocean just to be back home :)

But it's actually a little tense in London at the moment - security is tighter than Clark's ass *sigh*
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