March 17th, 2003

Wow Neat

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point five elven: lotr heals all wounds
so knives out: and it has important messages for us all
point five elven: like "take your fat servants along with you so you don't have to do all the work"
so knives out: you shouldn't agree to go on big journeys if you are 3'6 because it will be bad for you' and 'there is no reason why you can't marry that elf, no matter what her father says'
point five elven: and also 'even if your father tries to set you on fire you can find true love with a suicidal transvestite'
so knives out: aw so true
so knives out: even if it doesn't like you that much
so knives out: and possibly only agreed to marry you to make some dirty looking guy jealous
-- oliveoyl

emilyx: and hey...who said george bush/saddam hussain wasn't sexy?? anyone who does gets fucking BOMBED!!!
lisaofdoom: Now I must at least attempt to write GB/SH slash, just because my curiosity is piqued and it seems like a sexy fun idea.
emilyx: I think their lovestory was what Moulin Rouge was based on. But Nicole Kidman made a TERRIBLE Tony Blair...didn't even get the weekday suit right.
lisaofdoom: I didn't think Tony Blair could sing that well.

48 HOURS UNTIL A POSSIBLE FUCKING WAR. Words cannot describe how I feel at the moment, except for possibly the words: fuck, damn, and at least Enterprise'll be on before any fucking war starts. Yay, I hope it's not a fucking rerun though.
-- alk