March 13th, 2003

Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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zidane: All these Mary Sues w/gemlike eyes reminds me of those old My Little Ponies that had the plastic jewels for eyes. Those things freaked me out! Hmm...maybe I'll start calling characters who suffer from this jewel-eyed phenomenon "Hasbro Eyes..."
ironychan: I was always wondering (a) how they lost their original eyeballs, (b) why they put jewels in the sockets, (c) if some obscure pony magic let them actually see out of the jewels, and (d) whether what they see them looks like what "The Fly" sees, with all the little pictures.
In retrospect, I was one sick little kid.

crantz: Obviously there's gonna be some human sacrifices tonight. Imagine I said that in some sort of accent, okay?
Wow Neat

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Watched Time Bandits. (And was near-catatonic by the end, but I knew that was coming even before I turned it on.) Sean Connery? Next time you wear a tunic that short, remember that raising your arms will cause your hemline to also rise, exposing you in a manner that would put loving-crotch-shot-laden Labyrinth to shame.
-- hisgreyeyes

And God said, "Let there be fic." And there was fic. And God saw the fic, and it was no good. "Bollocks to this," he declared, and flooded the Earth.
-- lesath (whole thread here, LOL)
tea addict

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Had a dream last night that Superman was killing my coworkers, but I was invisible to him. I knew there was one bathroom where I could hide, but when I tried to go in there, someone followed me in. I had to talk her out of going in there by telling her there was no toilet paper.