March 6th, 2003


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"The kitten is rolling about the floor singing to me.

Merrrurp. Mrrrr. *roll, roll, roll* Merrra. Merrr. Merrup. *wriggles on back* Merup, merup, merup. *roll, roll, roll* Mrrr.

Of course this whole display translates to English as, "Please don't flush my butt down the toilet for horfing in your shoe.""

- tangletoy
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I dunno, I just find it hard to get excited about seeing Ewan McGregor's nipples , after Velvet Goldmine and all. Once you've laid eyes on the main prize, the party favours are that much less thrilling.
-- hisgreyeyes

"There could be this movie called Dirty Typing where you teach this poor boy how to type."
Darren is just jealous of my INTENSE TYPING SKILLZ. I am the Patrick Swayze of typing. Darren said so.
-- sporkninja

Oh. My grandmother came over this weekend. She shared many pearls of wisdom, most of it on how to dispose of a body or make it look like an accident. Beginning to doubt lost first grandpa to suicide.
-- crantz

[About a horrid Rocky Horror Mary Sue in which the MS "reforms" Frank:] *grinds teeth* Thou Shalt not Remove a Sexy Man from his Corset unless there is to be Rumpy Pumpy. Xan 6:45. And so endeth today's lesson. Anyone up for a game of Burn The Heretic?
-- lord_alexander
SP Dee

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I think I can guess what sparked the Angelus arc this year. After watching DB totally having a ball on tape, I imagine the conversation between Joss and Mutant Enemy's HMO went something like this:

"Mr. Whedon, I don't quite know how to tell you this, but Mr. Boreanaz hasn't been getting enough scenery in his diet recently."

-- bktheirregular
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