March 4th, 2003

dark night

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CJ: Just lettting you know I'm home and back online - alert the media!

Ramlatch: *grabs phone*

CJ: No names! *holds hand over camera lens*

Ramlatch: *shoves microphone in your face* What's the latest on this White Chocolate debacle??!

CJ: It was NEVER chocolate! The lineage is a LIE!!!!!!

Ramlatch: *babbling into the mic* But what about the Mocha? What did they have to say about this?

CJ: The Mocha - I sipped her ONCE. That latte is not my child!

Ramlatch: *running up to you as you get into the car* But what about the Frappachino!? What about the Frappachino?!! Ms CocaJava can you tell us more?!!

CJ: Talk to the cream cause the beans ain't listening.....

Ramlatch: *pulls back as the door slams in my face* *turns to the camera* Well now you've seen it, the Ms. CocoaJava and looking as Euphoria euphoric as ever. Later tonight we'll have an interview with Lady Godiva herself and her feelings on this..."White Chocolate."
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On RHPS Mary Sue...

"Thou Shalt not Remove a Sexy Man from his Corset unless there is to be Rumpy Pumpy.

Xan 6:45",
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"Thou Shalt not Remove a Sexy Man from his Corset unless there is to be Rumpy Pumpy.

Xan 6:45", <lj-user=lord_alexander>
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A Sue or not a Sue?

From a posting in the marysues community...

"'But she's not a Mary Sue! She's just a character I created who happens to have a pretty variation on my own name, plus shiny golden hair, big, sapphire-blue eyes that sparkle radiantly in the sunlight, and a tragic past! She wins everyone's adoration and is basically the center of attention and ends up in a beautiful romance with the canon male character I have a crush on, but SHE IS NOT A MARY SUE!!!'"

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Taken from the livejournal of doom_amoeba, who holds comments conversations with herself.

doom_amoeba: I'd sprinkle ampersands on his [vivaldi's] grave to keep him there &avoid this paragraph altogether, but i can't seem to find it.

doom_amoeba 1: ampersands don't work anyway. "You" need "quotation marks."

doom_amoeba 2: They make the words look as though they ought to shave.