March 3rd, 2003

Finally. Practical Advise I Can USE.

I've composed a little missive that I would dearly love to put on the windshields of young folk who think it's fun to park outside my apartment with their cars blasting 90 dB of bass.

In twenty years, you'll be deaf and I will laugh my a$$ off at you. In the meantime, good luck finding the dead mouse which I've hidden somewhere in your vehicle.

Slightly lacking in punch, I suppose. I think I'll make up for that by shattering their windshields with a well-placed boot or two. -- laurelyn
waiting for godot

Spotted on a friend's friends page...

Rant nine. The whole war with Iraq thing. People don't want to go to war, listen to your fucking constituents Tony! George, don't tap the phones and intercept the e-mails of UN Security Council members that's just so, uck, so *seventies*. Didn't you learn anything in school? Oh that's right, you were drinking with the Dekes and doing weird sexually repressed homosocial bonding rituals with the Bonesmen.
-- snooks_ranting
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