March 2nd, 2003

Wow Neat

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I went to last night and was surprised to be greeted by "G'day! Ah'm Karl Urban..." I had to resist the urge to add "and ah wrestle crocodiles."
-- lisaofdoom

IMO, digging up Tolkien at this moment could be rather dangerous, like yanking open a vacuum-cleaner motor while it's running. Everyone involved should wear protective goggles at the very least.
-- sagralisse

Taters: [Legolas] doesn't go through much character evolution, but I still like him. I think probably just because he's so blythe and gay. Heh heh. I said gay.
Darkrosetiger: That's because PJ trolled the gay bars of Wellington to cast most of the elves in that movie.
-- fandom_wank on Blurty

(no subject)

I read in the news that Iraq announced that it was "willing to" disarm. Not disarming yet, although willing to.

And the US Defense Secretary said this announcement was not going to affect the decision to make war. *cough* I thought that was the condition they'd set!

Gríma, where are you? These are the ones you should be accusing of warmongering!
:: pere_chan