February 26th, 2003

  • celli

ah, college...

Today my alarm clock went off after my third or fourth nap of the night (I can't focus for more than an hour, so these were important), and I tried to answer my stapler.

I think you can all guess how well I'm functioning.

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  • mcee

(no subject)

Dear Winter,

Honestly. The thrill is gone.


P.S. That thing you do where the moisture from my breath forms ice on my face and sometimes freezes an eye shut? Still not funny.

-- graycastle
Fat Princesses

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I came across Stalin World......Did the Soviets have ice cream, or did they consider it a waste of cream and labor? I only ask because theme parks without ice cream suck (not that this was open during the Soviet years... theme parks just remind me of ice cream. Ok?) And also because that's the job I would've wanted. Glorious ice-cream maker of the people.

~ littledevi