February 16th, 2003


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wendyd06: *pokes u with a spork*
TightAngel20: a spork?
wendyd06: yes.....a spork
TightAngel20: whats that
wendyd06: *gasp*
TightAngel20: what
wendyd06: the spork gods frown upon u
quiet sensation. [credit to ariel]

A Couple Of Quotes, From What I Suspect Is The Same Person

"And so, now I worship Satan. It's neat, Satan is just like God, they both make promises they'll never keep in exchange for your soul. Only in Hell, you get laid more and are allowed tatoos."


"Oh, sidenote: I really hate when you assholes go 'Jeezus fucking Christ'. At least have the decency to say 'Jeezus fucking Peter.' or 'Jeezus fucking Lucipher' or 'Jeezus fucking Luke."